My son wanted a standing T-Rex cake for is fifth birthday. My husband and I have always tried to make cakes for the kids but this is was our biggest challenge. We started with a frame made from a cake plate and PVC piped to support the body and and neck and to make the legs and tail.

The PVC was bolted with pipe fitters to 3ft x 3ft piece of plywood. The legs, tail and head are shaped with rice crispy treats, covered with modeling chocolate and finished with fondant. The body is 12 (yes 12) 9in round cakes carved into the shape of the body. Then covered with homemade marshmallow fondant tinted green. We tried numerous attempts to cover it all in one piece, but that was a challenge, in the end we pieced it together but it just texturized the t-rex skin.

We also used brown food paint to the back. The cake took about 12 hours to complete over several days. The final cake was 40 inches tall and almost covered the 3ft piece of plywood. We had to transport the cake over 50 miles to the party spot. My son loved the cake, now he wants a different dinosaur every year. We haven’t decided it we would take that challenge on again.