Coolest Homemade Triceratops Cake

As many soon to be 5 year olds do, dinosaurs become a huge focus of interest. My son is on the Autism Spectrum so his focus has been pretty intense. A little trouble with his speech meant he could not pronounce Triceratops very well so 3 horns become the description. I scoured many websites until I found this Triceratops cake and borrowed many ideas. In the end this cake was relatively simple. What wasn’t so simple was pasting back into precious books the pictures that my big boy cut out with his scissors for inspiration. I found them all one morning very nicely laid out on the kitchen bench to help  me.

I made 2 large round cake tins of chocolate cake then popped them in the freezer. I also baked one pudding dish or Dolly Varden tin of cake to use for his head. I cut one cake in two and put some frosting together for the main body then cut another in half. I graduated the size for the legs and used skewers to put them all together through the body of the cake. I cut a strip for the tail also using a skewer.

I cut cut the pudding shape to suit and attached it to the main body cutting a small slit for the mouth. Using a paper plate I cut the bottom off it and shaped the collar placing it behind the head again using a skewer to secure it all. I frosted it all. I used Tic Tac’s for claws, milk buttons for spots and cut in half for spies on the tail. Tee horns were ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and cut in half resting on toothpicks. 2 milk buttons for eyes. It was delicious and my son literally shook with excitement when he saw his mighty 3 horn.