I made this Triceratops dinosaur cake using boxed cake mixes and refrigerated cookie dough. I used round cake pans (2-8″ 2-6″). I didn’t use all of the cake I baked but I always make more than I need…JUST IN CASE!!

For the body I cut one of the 8″ cakes in half and stacked them cut side down side-by-side (puffy side out…I like my dinos fat) with plenty of frosting in between. I then made a big cookie with a half a tube of refrigerated sugar cookie dough for the cape (?).

For the head I cut the 6″ cake in quarters and used two of the quarters side by side.

For the tail and feet and beak I pieced the rest together by cutting shapes from the remaining (FROZEN)cakes. I also fattened his cheeks and body with remaining pieces of cake. The horns are sugar cones (I cut them down with a knife)

I like to freeze the cakes because it makes it much easier for me to work with. I would get the body frosted together and refreeze so I could shape with a knife until I was happy with the overall shape before I frosted it completely.

I colored the store bought frosting. I intentionally left the frosting bumpy and uneven. I used M&M for eyes. The base is a upside-down cookie sheet covered in brown paper bag and I crushed Oreo’s for the ground cover.

This was my 3rd decorated cake I’ve ever made and it was SO much fun! Good Luck! Happy decorating.