Coolest Truck Cake

well this truck cake was very easy. Boxed confetti cake for the ground and pound cake for the trucks. I dyed the pound cake blue since there were two boys and two trucks, they each had their own.

Bought chocolate rocks for the decoration. I frosted the cake green then put the rocks on sides for a border. Then made the trucks, I cut one pound cake in half. Then cut them to look like trucks. I did have to add pieces to the back of the trucks, stuck it on with frosting.

Then crumb coated them. After they were cold, I frosted them the best I could. Then added the backs of the trucks, I used Hershey bars, melted the sides on a hot pan and pieced them together. Pretzels for the bumpers, cookies for the tires (I was going to use choc. donuts, but found these instead) and milk duds for the head lights.

Then piped the windows, little decoration and the writing with white frosting. The dirt is chocolate cake crumbled up. I was going to put more on but made it to messy. I set the trucks on the cake. It only took about 3 hours and that’s with baking. Everyone loved it!