Coolest Tudor Rose Birthday Cake

Our little neightbour Poppy’s 8th birthday was approaching and she told me she wanted a Tudor Rose birthday cake please! A school project had peeked her interest and now she was just a tad obsessed and a promise of a birthday visit to Hampton Court Palace and she was beside herself.

I went on the internet and found a colouring page of a Tudor Rose and enlarged it. I cut the middle portion out so that I had a template. I baked a chocolate cake in a rectangle pan when cool, put the template on and dusted lightly with icing sugar so get shape. Iced with Wilton stars with butter cream which had been coloured appropriately.

She was delighted with the result of her Tudor Rose Birthday Cake and so was I.

For information the Tudor Rose is made up of the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster, the gold signifies the crown.

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