Coolest Tulips First Birthday Cake

I made this tulip cake for my niece’s first birthday which was a tulip themed. Her parents planted the tulips for her so they would be come up for her first birthday. They asked me to make a tulip cake to celebrate and I usually get a bunch of ideas form the internet and put them together for my own cake.I didn’t find many tulip cakes but came up with my own which I loved. It was a big hit at the party.

I started with a 9 by 9 pan which I cut into a tulip shape. I traced the tulip on paper since I am not good free hand and used it to cut the shape of the cake. I put on a board where I used blue wrapping paper which made a great sky for the flower. I chose yellow since that what was planted for the baby and did a crumb coat. After I did crumb coat I frosted with yellow and used a hot knife to make it look smooth. I piped in the details.

To make the stem I used the rest of the cake batter to make cupcakes. I did not use any liner instead greased and floured which help make the dirt look on the cupcakes. I lined the cupcakes to make the stem. I used a large round tip and in a diagonal used dark green back and forth. Then I filled in a lighter green for grass which made the stem stand out. I didn’t take a side picture but it looked like the flower was planted in dirt.

The children at the party loved choosing which part of the flower to eat. Some enjoyed the cupcakes, other the flower. This was a blast to make.

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