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Coolest Turntable Birthday Cake Design

My oldest son had a DJ party 2 weeks ago and wanted a Turntable Birthday Cake Design.

I used 3 boxes of marble cake in two 9×13 inch pans(1 1/2 in each). I frosted the top of them with whipped vanilla icing that I tinted a silvery grey color with black icing. I frosted the sides with chocolate whipped frosting. I used another marble boxed mix and put about half in a 9 inch round pan for the base that holds the record. I frosted this with chocolate whipped frosting. I used the left over batter and put a tiny bit in a slightly smaller round then my 9 inch, this is for the record which I frosted with blue tinted vanilla whipped frosting. I made the ridges on it with the ridge side of a butter knife. I put a black dot in the center. I used the rest of the cake mix in a circle pan which I used for the holder for the control arm. The control arm was a jumbo chocolate tootsie roll. The knobs were different size marshmallows cut in half. The buttons were made using chocolate candy bar pieces. I wrote start/stop and 38 and 45 on them with a toothpick.

Everyone loved it and many pictures were taken. Most of all, my son loved it and thanked me numerous times!

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  1. Thank you so for the compliment Emily. However, I made this for my sons birthday. I do not make and deliver cakes. I also live in Rhode Island, USA. Once again, thank you for the comment/compliment. So glad that you like my cake


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