I made this Twilight Birthday Cake for my friend’s daughter who was turning 11. I started out with four 13×9 cakes. I used buttercream frosting, iced the top of two cakes, layed the other cakes on top and butted them up against each other. This made the 26×13 cake.

Then I colored the icing black (this was very difficult, I still don’t have a good way to make black icing). I iced three sides white and the top and one side black. Using a fork, I dug around the three white sides to make pages. I used a small straight tip and piped the name of the book and happy birthday and tinted icing with peach for the hands.

The apple was store bought and cut at an angle. Tip: Don’t place the apple on the cake too far ahead or the juices will run and smear the icing.