My niece is obsessed with the Twilight books and asked that I make a cake for her 12th birthday with that theme! I used two 9×13 cakes, gluten-free for my other niece who has Celiac’s.

I Stacked them and used a thin buttercream frosting and fresh strawberries in-between. Then I coated three of the sides with white frosting. I tinted more of the frosting black and coated the last side and top. I let it dry slightly so I could smooth it with parchment paper.

Then I piped a thick line around the edges to look like the book cover. I made it a little uneven to create a “worn” effect. I used a comb to trace over the white sides to make “pages”. Than I traced the font from the book with a toothpick on the top of the cake to make the title and I substituted my niece’s name in place of the author to make it a little more special for her :).

Lastly, I made my own apple out of frosting on top. There you have it!