Coolest Twilight Book Cake

My niece is obsessed with the Twilight books and asked that I make a cake for her 12th birthday with that theme! I used two 9×13 cakes, gluten-free for my other niece who has Celiac’s.

I Stacked them and used a thin buttercream frosting and fresh strawberries in-between. Then I coated three of the sides with white frosting. I tinted more of the frosting black and coated the last side and top. I let it dry slightly so I could smooth it with parchment paper.

Then I piped a thick line around the edges to look like the book cover. I made it a little uneven to create a “worn” effect. I used a comb to trace over the white sides to make “pages”. Than I traced the font from the book with a toothpick on the top of the cake to make the title and I substituted my niece’s name in place of the author to make it a little more special for her :).

Lastly, I made my own apple out of frosting on top. There you have it!

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  1. I traced the font from the book with a toothpick on the top of the cake to make the title and I substituted my niece’s name in place of the author to make it a little more special for her :)

  2. They probably put Williams because that’s their name and they thought it would be clever. We all know that Stephenie Meyer wrote the Twilight saga.

  3. well duh we all know Stephanie Meyers wrote the books, didn’t you read above where she said she substituted her daughter’s name to make it more special for her?!

  4. Great job!! I like your cake very much.

    Oh to answer the icing question- Wilton sells icing coloring gels for black and red. I have used white icing to achieve black icing but they actually recommend you use chocolate frosting to go to black for large amounts. You can buy these coloring gels in any party store baking section or Michael’s crafts.

  5. hi I loved your cake. I’m turing 12 in May and I’m obsessed with Twilight, how much does it cost? By the way, really good work, you should be a pro!

  6. Thank you so much, you’ve just helped me with my 16th Birthday cake idea.
    I know it’s not until next May but I like to plan ahead and I thought I’d look at Cakes now to see how much they would cost or if there were some really great home-made ideas and I’m going to use your Idea.

    Love Hannah xx

  7. I am obsessed with twilight and you gave me an idea I’m having a twilight themed party in May, I cant wait thank you for the idea

  8. Thanks, it’s my daughter’s 13th birthday and she asked me to do a Twilight book cake. I was actually looking for a Holden ute (my son is 3 days after) and I found your cake! Fantastic, well done

  9. great job, I think it’s fantastic when people get creative and make it their own. You did a fantastic job, I’m sure your niece absolutely loved the work you put into that cake. It’s wonderful. Kuddo’s to you

  10. Thank you so much I am obsessed with twilight and my eleventh birthday is Sept. 4th like two weeks and now I’m going to ask my Nana to make a cake just like it.

  11. Hi

    Your cake looked great. I want to make one for my 9 year old daughter’s birthday. Could you please send me the recipe and method please asap as her party is very soon. I’d appreciate it very much

  12. Hi everyone…THANK YOU so much for all the wonderful comments you have left. Sorry it took me so long to respond…this website didn’t let me know there were comments here. To respond to why I didn’t put the hands on the front, I agree it would have looked even better with them but I was just starting out with decorating and not very confident in my ability to make the hands and have them look authentic enough. Next time I will try it. As far as the instructions, I tried to put the way that I did it in the description but if you have a specific question, you can email me at Thanks all!

  13. This is an awesome cake. Just how long could it have taken on the decorating?

    Me, it would have taken just about a week. LOL. Great job!

  14. Hi, thank you for your thorough description on how you made this cake. It makes perfect sense and seems so easy. My daughter has devoured the Twilight series and is now onto the Dan Brown series of books (Da Vinci Code etc). It’s her 13th birthday and I thought I’d make her a book cake featuring one of her “new” favourite books! Trina :)

  15. That cake is sooooo awesome!!! I just love twilight and that is the perfect cake for any twilight fan!! Great job!!!

  16. I think she knows that, if youd bothered to read the description it clearly says she substituted in her nieces name in place of the author!

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