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Coolest Under the Sea Spongebob Birthday Cake

This Under the Sea Spongebob Birthday Cake was made for a friend’s grandson. He was turning 5 and as many 5 year olds, he had an irrational passion for a certain yellow sponge. My inspiration for this cake was a talking stuffed toy he would be receiving for his birthday. I was originally going to do a flat cake with just a picture of the sponge on it. However I had a few days so I decided to make it 3 dimensional.

This cake is actually 2 and a half layers but it is hard to see. This was my only photo of the cake and I scanned it from a Polaroid picture so it is a little blurred. The base is made from a large square cake made of chocolate and the body was yellow cake using the same pan.

I used a few different colors of green icing in the same bag smoothed with an offset spatula to make it look like the box the toy came in. The arms and legs are half a layer and just iced. The legs and body are the full second layer. It was the exact size as the toy. I used simple butter cream to ice the cake. I mostly just used an offset spatula except for the trim. His eye’s also stuck out so I used extra pieced of trimmed cake for those. His nose was the hardest part it kept looking like a certain biological feature of a male if you know what I mean.

All in all it was pretty fun and he and all his friends really enjoyed the cake.

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