Coolest Under Water World Birthday Cake

I made this Under Water World Birthday Cake for my little boy’s 1st birthday and the theme was ‘Under Water World’. I wanted to make a No.1 cake and decided to decorate it with fishes and sea weeds to go with the party theme.

I made 12 eggs butter cake: for every 4 eggs, 225 grams of self-raising flour, 225g of caster sugar and 225g of margarine or butter with a little bit of milk. This is a vanilla flavored cake and cut it into no.1 shape. The blue color icing was butter icing; that is for every 100g of butter 200g of icing sugar. I did add some milk to icing to make it smooth and vanilla for flavoring.

The cake was decorated with star nozzle making wavy patterns as waves and some straight lines from star nozzle to cover the rest of the cake, easy-peasy. Fishes made out from ready rolled icing (bought from shop) which can use to cover wedding cakes too. Colored the white ready rolled icing and cut shapes out of cookie cutters, little details of fishes added by a writing icing pens. Sea weeds done by leaf nozzle and green butter icing, red corals with tube nozzle. I did add some jelly sweets (snails)to make it more child friendly. To get these vibrant colors I used paste/gel colors from market leading brands (not liquid colors).