Coolest Unicorn Cake

I searched everywhere for a unicorn pan to make this unicorn cake, but never found one “just right”. I ended up at Michaels and saw a Wilton party hat pan. I turned my head to the right sort of sideways and could envision it as a horse head and long snout. So, I bought it and crossed my fingers that I could pull it off! I made two layers of the party hat cake and sort of sculpted out the head area, reserving a triangular piece for the ear that I would add as a 3D extra.

I’m pretty sure I saw a cake here that did the mane with the same ribbon features, so after I used the star tip to cover the cake, I used a leaf tip and small circle dot tip to stream the mane down the side. I used an ice cream cone covered in edible shimmer for the horn, and then dusted the edible shimmer over the entire cake.

I’m not really excited about how the nose and mouth turned out, when I draw horses, I can’t seem to get it right then either, so I pretty much knew it would look great on the cake either, but my daughter was absolutely thrilled with it.

I did get some cracks from the adults about the Godfather movie and horse heads (LOL) but the kids all thought it was really cool. We also had good timing for cutting it, as it was a pretty heavy cake and it was going to slide if we didn’t cut it soon!

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