Cool Homemade Pink Unicorn Cake

My daughter wanted a Unicorn Party for her 6th birthday. I used my mom’s Wilton Pony cake pan to bake a pony head cake. My mom then decorated the unicorn cake accordingly to make it look like a beautiful fairytale unicorn in all of my daughter’s favorite colors!

To finish the party off we had a unicorn feed contest (see who could eat their frosted Cheerios the fastest without using their hands), played unicorn ring toss with an inflatable unicorn and decorated fairy head bands.

My daughter and her friends had tons of fun at the party, and ESPECIALLY loved the cake that her grandmother made for her!

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  1. I live in the prairie village area and I see that you are from here as well. I am trying to find the cake pan like yours because your cake turned out awesome, but I will have to buy one on eBay so I thought I would ask if I could borrow it. Thanks!


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