Coolest Unicorn Rainbow Cake

I was asked to make a unicorn cake for a friend’s daughter for her 5th birthday.  I didn’t know what to do at first and then figured rainbows and unicorns go great together.  The bottom cake is a 12′ round and I made 5 layers, a green, blue, purple, yellow and red.  I used white frosting in between to make the colors stand out more.  The top cake is an 8″ round that I cut in half and that is also multi colored (I did not tell the friend I was doing the colors so it was a nice surprise when they cut into it).

I had made some fondant sunflowers and put them on the cut half and then decided to put a little white picket fence there too.  I originally bought a purple stuffed unicorn but when I put that on the cake it was much bigger than anticipated so I had to run out and get a smaller one.  The rainbow was my favorite part.  Just a baked sugar cookie that I piped frosting on to.  Then I put sparkles all over the cake.

It was a huge hit and  a lot of fun to do.