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Coolest University Emblem Cake

It was my son’s birthday and as you can see on the cake he is a JMU football player. And he absolutely loves my homemade chocolate cakes. So he had an 8″ double layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

This university emblem cake is covered in a gray fondant. For the logo I printed a copy of the JMU mascot logo from the internet and used that as a template. I used a food colored marker to trace the logo on the cake and filled it with royal icing. And then of course wrote his birthday message on his cake with the marker. Last I wrapped the bottom of the cake in black ribbon.

A little explanation on the mascot template… I cutout the mascot and laid it on the cake and use a sterilized pin to prick the outline into the fondant. Once done I traced it with the food colored writing marker. This is a little difficult to do but with a little patience it will turn out great. I loved the out come and so did my son.

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