Coolest Upsy Daisy Cake

I made this Upsy Daisy for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and she loved it! I just photocopied a picture of Upsy Daisy and enlarged it. Then I cut it out and placed it on a basic sponge slab with tooth picks and cut it out.

I first iced the sides with pink butter icing and covered them with hundreds and thousands. I coloured her in with different coloured butter icing using an icing bag and nozzle. This made it nice and thick and much easier than trying to ice her with a knife!

Then I did the black outlines with icing gel from the supermarket. Her mouth and nose are also done with icing gel and her eyes are white chocolate circles with icing gel on top. The flower on her top was just from the supermarket too. It took quite a while but was definitely worth it.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Upsy Daisy Cake”

  1. This is the best Upsy Daisy Cake I have seen! It is so intricate, and is an exact replica. Very impressive!

  2. Katrina M,

    Your cake is truly amazing, you have such a gifting for cake decorating!! your destiny is set in stone!!

  3. This Upsy Daisy cake looks fantastic! What a great job. And that’s a good tip using an icing bag to colour it in such detail. You’ve really inspired me.

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