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Coolest Valentines Chocolate Box Cake

I made this Valentines Chocolate Box Cake with a French Vanilla cake mix, with homemade whipped cream and strawberries for the filling, and Wilton buttercream frosting/Wilton Fondant for the decor.

I bought a $5 Russle Stovers box of chocolates at Walmart, and used it for a guide. After making two 10″ round cake layers I used the box to guide me through trimming the rounds to hearts, then “dirty” frosted them with buttercream, and covered in red fondant.

I took the tray that the chocolates came in, washed it, and turned it upside down. It made the perfect chocolate mold. After I poured the melted chocolate on it I put it in the fridge, and the mold popped right out about 10 min later. Then placed the store bought chocolates in their place.

I then cut strips of fondant out and formed them to the lid, letting them dry for a few hours, then slipped the box out, and presto! The perfect lid. I ended up only using the bottom lid because I did not make the fondant early enough to harden, next year I want to make a top lid as well and off set it so it looks like a real box of chocolates.

I am not a professional baker, so the cake has it’s flaws, but overall I am happy with the results!

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  1. YOur CAKe is awesome!! And is the just the finishing touch I was looking for!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!! Happy Valentine’s Day@!!!


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