Coolest Vampire Birthday Cake

I used a round 3” cake pan to make this homemade vampire birthday cake, I can’t remember exactly what size, 18” maybe. This was for a 13 year old’s birthday, so I put red food coloring in the cake mix. A red velvet cake mix would work well also.

I printed a picture of the vampire lips and enlarged it until the width of the lips was the same width as my cake. I cut it out and put it on top of the cake. Using a serrated knife, I carved the lips. I tried to round the lips out gradually so they looked realistic. I used a paring knife to carve out the inside of the mouth indention.

I covered the inside of the mouth in black MM fondant and the lips with red MM fondant. I used a blunt plastic flower making tool to put indention lines into the lips. I cut the teeth from white MM fondant. I used store bought red gel icing for blood & to write.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Vampire Birthday Cake”

  1. This is AWESOME! I will be trying this soon I think… maybe just in time for the release of Season 4 of Tru Blood :o) How long did it take you?

  2. Well, that is cool, and i love it, im having a vampire bithday party, and so i have to think what type of vampire cake can i make, and so i looked at this one, and thought this might be hard to make, but it would surely turn out awesome.

  3. so cool I wouldn’t eat it it’s too perfect
    I love vampires I would tos get for my birthday cake so f**** aesome.

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