Coolest Vegetable Garden Cake

I made this vegetable garden cake for my step dads 60th birthday. He loves gardening so I thought this would be the best cake for him. It is a 12inch square fruit cake and the shed is sponge cake. It is covered with vanilla butter cream and colored fondant.

If you noticed the animals on the cake, they represent his three cats and rabbit and guinea pig (in the vegetable patch). I just molded these myself out of fondant,as well as the vegetables. The soil is crushed chocolate cookies with curly whirls as the fence. Apart from making the fruit cake which took three weeks, I decorated this cake over two nights (I was up until midnight each night though).

The man is my step dad, he was molded out of fondant and I used wire to sit him up. He loved the cake, (almost made him cry). It was a surprise for him, arranged by me and my mum in secret. I have made birthday cakes for family in the past but this was the most detailed one I have done so far. I was very proud of the final result and so was my family. Everyone wants one now.

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