I made this Veggie Tales cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Bob is made from a Wilton ball pan, while Larry is made from Rice Krispie treats. I first tried making the treats from scratch to save money, but found that the bought treats held together better. Both are covered and decorated with fondant, which I colored in order to get just the right color.

I anchored Bob and Larry together with skewers. Larry looks like he is tipping over, but that is the look I wanted since most pictures show him angled around Bob. I wrapped Larry in the fondant, which left the top of him with fondant folds. By placing the ice cream cone on top and decorating it to look like a birthday hat, I was able to conceal this flaw.

I then made cupcakes so that I would have somewhere to place the candles and spell out Happy Birthday and my daughter’s name.