Coolest Vegie Tales Cake

My granddaughter loves Vegie Tales so I made Larry and Bob for her 4th birthday party. Larry Boy is a Swiss chocolate cake mix baked in two 8×4 loaf pans. Bob was baked in a round Pyrex bowl. The ends were trimmed from the loaf cakes and angled.

I used Americolor gel in vanilla canned frosting to produce the vibrant icing colors. Bob’s nose is a gumball, his eyes are a large marshmallow cut in half. I cut a green twizzler candy stick for his hair and stem. His mouth is white frosting.

Larry’s nose is a marshmallow covered in the green frosting, his eyes are white frosting drawn and colored in using a small plastic squeeze bottle. For the dark colors, such as the mouth’s and outlining eyes, I used canned milk chocolate frosting and added a small amount of black gel food coloring to make it darker. Larry’s tooth is white frosting.

I would suggest purchasing a couple of regular, cheap plastic squeeze bottles with long slim tips for detail work. It really helps. Also, toothpicks are perfect for details and especially for cleaning up mistakes!

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