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Coolest Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

I found a picture in a blog of this collection of cake and cupcakes. There are 22 cupcakes arranged to be the body of the caterpillar. Each is iced with green frosting in a swirl pattern. The 12 cupcakes on the outside edge have sprinkles pressed into the frosting to look like hairs. This part was painstaking because I only had multi colored sprinkles and had to separate out the brown ones. I also used some white green and red.

There are also fondant leaves (made with green fondant and a leaf shaped cutter) placed here and there on the cupcakes. The head is a six inch round cake covered in red fondant. The eyes and nose are cut out of fondant as well. The antanae and legs are also fondant. I rolled out snakes and bent them for the legs. I pressed fondant onto short dowels and let dry for the antenae. These were very heavy and kept falling back onto the table. Not sure what a lighter weight alternative might be.

I just arranged the cakes onto the table for the party.

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