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Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

For my son’s 5th Birthday he wanted a Dino themed party. He chose to have Dino Egg hot cereal for the meal, we had a dino dig (hide small plastic dinos in corn meal) and we had a T-rex that laid jello eggs. For the cake I made a Volcano cake – which if you put sparkler candles in the middle of it, it looks like it is erupting.

I baked a chocolate cake mix in my large stainless steel mixing bowl. The time will vary depending on the bowl so check it often. For the icing I made a cream cheese kind. You will need a lot of icing because you need 3 different kinds. The first type of icing you need to have is chocolate which goes over the “bowl” cake which should be upside down on a plate. You will need a plastic “beer” cup with the bottom cut off pushed into the center of the cake cut side up. Then you will need red and orange icing for the lava (use gel food colouring).

Start by filling the cup alternating between colours. I found that just using a spoon works best. Keep alternating between colours till you get the right look.

In the end all the kids loved it and they really thought it was erupting with the sparkler candles in it!

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