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Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

I made my son’s third birthday cake. This is the first year I’ve ever made his cake. We were having a dinosaur party so I made a Volcano Birthday Cake to go with.

I made a chocolate bundt cake and a vanilla 13 x 9 pan cake. I first frosted the pan cake with green frosting and then put the bundt cake in one corner. I only frosted the top section of the bundt cake with red frosting to look like lava coming out. After that I decorated with sugar letters, and a couple of plastic dinosaurs. I also had cupcakes each with tiny dinosaurs on it for favors for the guests. But then when it came time to blow out the candles I put three trick candles in the top of the volcano to make it look as if it were about to erupt.

My son loved it and everyone at the party was amazed I made it myself. I’m actually really proud of my work!


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