Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

I made this volcano birthday cake for my son’s third birthday after he requested an “erupting volcano cake”. The cake was actually really easy to make.

The “island” was made from cake, and the “volcano” itself was made from rice krispie treats. After molding some rice krispie treats around an empty cup into the shape of a volcano, I placed it on top of the cake and decorated with a TON of icing (I placed a small amount of icing underneath the volcano to help keep it in place).

I used cupcake icing to do the lava, waves and grass – the kind in a can with a decorating tip on top. Then used gel icing (the little squeezable ones) to add the darker colors on the lava, waves, and to write “Happy Bday”. I also sprinkled a small amount of sugar on the “sand” to give it a more “sand-like” appearance. Overall I think it was super easy and didn’t take much time at all to make! My son LOVED it!

Note: I used store bought rice krispie treats to make the volcano, but if I were to make this cake again, I think I would try to make my own rice krispie treats. I think they probably would have been easier to shape that way (but messier for sure)!