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Coolest Volcano Birthday Cake

This volcano birthday cake was for my grandson’s 8th birthday. I made a 9X13 for the base and the volcano was baked in a small ovenproof bowl. I iced the cake in a basic butter cream chocolate and then placed the bowl cake inverted on top, carved out a bit to make the hole in the top of the volcano.

I made the orange and yellow icing a little runny by adding some corn syrup to it and drizzling it around to look like burning lava, with yellow sugar sprinkle to make it sparkle. I used rock candies and other bits of cake cut in different shapes for larger rocks and boulders, a stream with blue icing, and gummy fish around the edges, crushed cookies for dirt and riverbank.

I placed a variety of toy dinosaurs around it – be sure to have enough so that everybody at the party can have one!!

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