Coolest Volcano Cake

My 4 year old son wanted a volcano cake with dinosaurs for his birthday. So, I stacked several cakes together to make it big enough. I used 10 inch, 9 inch, and 8 inch cheesecake pans and 2 Pyrex bowls to make the main volcano pyramid.

I then cut away the hard edges to make it more cone shaped, taking the bigger pieces and gluing them on at odd places on the cone with frosting. Don’t worry if it’s perfect, it’s a mountain! The frosting is chocolate with fruit roll ups for lava.

The trees are pretzel rods and fruit rollups. The dinosaurs are cake I baked in a cookie sheet and then cut with cookie cutters. Don’t think I’ll do that again. They had trouble standing up. I think regular cookies would be stronger.

The smoke was made by burying a small plastic cup in the top of the volcano and adding dry ice to the cup throughout the party. The only problem was the cup only held a tiny bit so my husband had to keep adding dry ice throughout the party to keep it smoking. My son loved it!

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