Coolest Volcano Cake

I wanted to make a special cake for my son, Kai’s, 3rd birthday. I looked around online for inspiration for a volcano cake and ran across this site. I got ideas from a few different cakes and also from Family Fun magazine.

The volcano was baked in a 2 c. Pyrex cup. I hollowed out the top and filled it with red icing. The lava coming out of the top is the Lollipop lava recipe from Family Fun, I think you can find it on their website, I took it from the Volcano cake.

I made a basic chocolate frosting and spread it over half the cake and then made my river. The blue is store bought blue decorating frosting. I added a some evaporated milk to the blue to make it spread easier. I also did that with the red frosting to make it runnier so I could pour it down the volcano sides.

The rocks were candy rocks I got at the local candy shop, the kids loved eating them! The grass was coconut dyed green and the plants were pieces cut off a fake plant I got at the store and stuck in the cake. I crushed up an Oreo cookie crust and pressed it onto the volcano outside and sprinkled it around to look like ash.

This cake was a lot of fun to make and a big hit at the party!

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