Coolest Volcano Cake

My son was very inspired by these little Gormiti figurines and game cards and when I got them for his birthday and read the packaging I thought a volcano cake would go very well with them. He wanted a carrot cake so I used two packaged mixes and the Betty Crocker Bake & Fill pan with both the tall cake and the round one.

I stacked the round cake on top of the tall one and covered them all with chocolate frosting (I was a little concerned about the chocolate-carrot combo but it really just makes very frosted bites taste like chocolate cake)and filled the cavity in the middle with orange-colored french vanilla pudding. I carved a little well in the top of the cake and then made yellow and orange from white frosting.

When the colored frosting is microwaved for 7 seconds it gets just thin enough to run down the sides of the cake like lava. I put shelled walnuts in random patterns over the body of the cake and around the base, to look like rocks and boulders. Then I made green frosting and used a Wilton leaf tip to put some vegetation on the volcano.

My oldest son and I had quite the adventure trying to melt cinnamon disk candies in a double boiler before we finally looked it up online and found that the oven works much better (won’t be forgetting that information anytime soon!) We made flame patterns on the foil-covered cookie sheet and let it harden; then just when the cake was about to be served I broke it into pieces and arranged it at the top like lava was exploding out.

Asher seemed impressed and my other kids liked it too.

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