Coolest Volcano Cake

This is my first Volcano cake. I baked a dome cake, took a cup and punched a hole for the center out, not too deep, just to get the effect. I baked a half sheet cake, iced it brown. I then put the volcano on a cake board, placed it in the corner and iced it.

I put the river of lava. I made the trees from fondant. I took a flower cutter, 3 different sizes and took a butter knife and made the vines of the leaves. I placed largest to smallest on top of each other and placed them on top of a pretzel stick. I put a toy teradactel on a wire to make it look as if he was flying around the volcano. I put waves on the sides.

Everyone loved it. If I could upload the video of the birthday boy’s face and what he said. It was priceless…

Homemade Volcano Cake