Coolest VW Car Cake

This is my first 3D car cake. I have no idea what to do then I searched online and found this site which is useful. Now it’s my turn to share my experience.

For this VW Car Cake I used pound cake. And use 3D cruiser car pan by Wilton then craft a little bit to make it looks like GTI car. Then cover all by fondant. And use gumpaste to make a wheel.

Then I did all decoration by icing. It took me 6 hours straight to finish all those details. Hope you guys would enjoy your baking!

4 thoughts on “Coolest VW Car Cake”

  1. It’s my husbands 30th bday and I thought this would be the perfect gift for him.
    Is there a picture that you used as reference?
    I love your details. What tools did you use to make all the details on the hood and door?

  2. I was browsing through the internet for ideas to make a cake for my godson, when I came across this awesome cake car. This was the one that caught my attention. I just loved it and knew this was the cake I was looking for.

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