Coolest Wall E 6th Birthday Cake

This Wall E 6th Birthday Cake was easier with two people! My husband actually ended up making the head and arms for me. The body of Wall E is basic three layer 8″ square cake; however to make it look free standing you have to remove a portion of the bottom cake and frost it with white buttercream.

I frosted the whole body in yellow buttercream and then went back to add detail with black , red and gray. The tracks were just another 8″ cake that I cut diagonally placed next to his body then frosted with dark gray buttercream and then wrapped in black fondant and striped it with black buttercream for traction. The order in which you put together this cake is important.

The head is actually a purchased cardboard mask and make shift cardboard arms as well. Black electricians tape covers the dowels and all non-edible items were removed very easily. I did not succeed in making a neck to support a cake head. I really tried to make them ALL edible, but it is still really cool and my son LOVED it!