Coolest Wall E Birthday Cake

I made this Wall E Birthday Cake for my son’s 4th Birthday. Supplies: 3 cake mixes (eggs, oil, water to make cakes), decorator frosting, chocolate frosting, Oreo cookies, black licorice, yellow food color, red food color, sugar letter decorations, and chocolate and vanilla zingers.

Directions: make cakes – 1 cake mix divided into two 8×8 cake pans. You will end up with six 8×8 cakes. Use five of the 8×8 cakes to make the body of Wall-e. Cut the sixth cake diagonal to make two triangles, these will be the tires. Frost body with yellow frosting. Stand the triangle cakes on their sides, attach to body, frost with chocolate frosting. Take black licorice pieces and place along sides of wheels, attach six Oreos cookies on each side with frosting. I pre-cut licorice to have ready to add to wet frosting.

Add details on body with red and chocolate frosting. I used red/yellow candy letters to spell out Happy Birthday. I cut up chocolate and vanilla zingers to stack as “trash blocks” around Wall-e. The hands/arms and neck are made from aluminum stripping (thanks to my husband)! The eyes are kids binoculars attached with duct tape. I lucked out that we already had the binoculars!

This cake takes some time, but everyone was thrilled with my cake!

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