Coolest Wall E Birthday Cake

This Wall E Birthday Cake was the first Wall-E cake I made. It was for a 2 year old boy. I had fun making it!

The frame came first, and that I made from Styrofoam covered in foil. The main body is the cake, a four-layer chocolate with chocolate filling, covered in snow-white buttercream. The outer covering is rolled, colored marshmallow fondant.

The head I originally made with cake, but found it was too heavy to allow transporting of the cake safely. So, I made it with Styrofoam and covered it in fondant, also. The tracks on the side are frosted chocolate cake, with fondant cut and scored for the tracks. To secure the cake to the frame, I used cookies, covered in fondant,to simulate the two sizes of gears. Then, I drilled a hole in the center of them and pushed a short dowel rod through to the frame. I made a small ball of fondant to cover the end of the dowel rods, making them look like the real bolt heads.

The arms were pretzel rods covered in fondant. The “hands” were also fondant that I air-dried for about a week before attaching with a bit of fondant dipped in sugar (glue). I added one more dowel rod under each arm for support.

The little boy wanted to take it off the table and play with it! The guests were amazed that this was actually a cake!

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