Coolest Wall E Birthday Cake

I do birthday cakes for the kids in my family every year, and I swear my nephew tries to come up with the hardest things he can think of every year, just to see what I will come up with. For his 6th birthday he wanted a homemade Wall-E birthday cake “but not a flat one, aunty G” was the instruction I got.

So I searched the web and found this website where I found some really creative mom’s. So using there guides and advice, I put my homemade Wall-E birthday cake together.

I used three 20cm x 20cm square cakes for the body, stacked on top of each other using a basic vanilla butter icing as a filler and crumb coat. I used the equivalent to a box cake mix (but I get mine in bulk from the bakers shop). I used double cake mix quantities per cake. The track’s are two chocolate cakes, baked in a loaf tin, 14cm x 20cm, then shaped.

I used Fondant icing to cover the body as I wanted a smooth finish and then added detail in coloured butter icing, strips of licorice and fondant icing coloured and shaped.

I iced the tracks with butter icing and added licorice strips cut to size along the top to form the tracks and I used Oreo biscuits and icing to form the cogs.

His head was modeled around two toilet roll inners, covered with fondant which I then painted with food colouring and his neck was a third toilet roll inner done the same way.

I had a lot of fun doing this homemade Wall-E birthday cake and it took me about 15 hours to complete it. The cakes took approximately 1 hour each to bake, and I did these two days before, I find that by doing this it is easier to work with. If you use a good quality cake mix and keep them covered they will still be as fresh as the day you baked them.

Thank you to all the mom’s who posted their wonderful creations on this site, you are an inspiration.