This is a Wall E cake I made for a friend’s daughter. She loves Wall-E. The cake is yellow cake baked in a 10inch and 6 inch pans. They are both iced in butter cream. The characters I made a few days ahead of time out of melted chocolate.

They are called chocolate transfers. You find an image that you like and tape it down to a hard flat surface. Then you tape a piece of wax paper over it. Then you pipe over the outlines with melted black chocolate and let it dry. Once dry, you fill it in with the appropriate colors. Don’t worry about how messy it looks, because as you are working, you are looking at the back. Let each color set up at a time. If you have to, you can put it in the fridge to help it harden.

Once done and hardened, remove your completed image from the wax paper and turn over! The possibilities with this method are endless.