Coolest Wall E Cake

I made this Wall E cake for a little boy’s 5th birthday. I started with a 13 x 9 chocolate cake made from scratch. I then froze it and covered this with a layer of buttercream icing and froze it again to firm up the buttercream.

Then I rolled out white fondant icing (sugarpaste) and covered the cake. To make the background, I diluted paste food colours (one turquoise and one royal blue) and washed the cake with the paint. Then I cut out the Wall-E and Eve shapes and the stars from coloured fondants and assembled them on the cake.

The Wall-E lettering and the brown marks were done with a black and brown food pens. The “E” and the solar charge level on Wall-E were done with writing icing. The plant symbol on Eve was also done with a green food pen.

As a finishing touch I did the little boy’s name and age in fondant on the side of the cake using the “Wall-E” style lettering.

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