Coolest Wall E Cake

I made this Wall E cake for my son’s birthday party. I baked one 9X13 cake and one 8×8 cake and cut out pieces to make WALL-E’s wheels, arms, eyes and neck.

Then, I made buttercream icing and colored it yellow for the body and used chocolate icing for the wheels and trim. I added Oreo cookies for the eyes and Finger cookies for decorating the wheels. I also added mini M&M’s for radio buttons.

I had a lot of fun making this cake and it turned out great!

1 thought on “Coolest Wall E Cake”

  1. I was pleased to see your version of Wall-e. I am impressed with the people that did cardboard tubes for eyes,and also made him more 3-d. I have a son who is turning six and I am going to use your beautiful example of Wall-e. I really like the idea that the whole cake is edible!!! He looks very true to his movie image, you did a very nice job!!

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