I took inspiration from a photo I found on the internet. It had no instructions to go along, so it required some creativity to complete.

This Wall E Cake is made of five separate cakes. The tracks and the body are made of cake. The head, neck and arms are made of paper that has a bit of a plastic coating, this worked well because I think if I only used card stock, the icing that covered the head, neck and arms would have made the paper too soft. I used electrician’s tape to join the head and neck. I used skewer sticks to attach the arms and the head/neck.

All in all, this was fairly easy to complete (from a decoration stand point). I iced the body and then used different sized tips to create the outlines and details.

Finishing touch, Oreo cookie crumbs and chocolate sprinkles. I took about five and a half hours to bake the cakes and about five hours to decorate.