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Coolest Wall-E And EVE Cake

This Wall E and Eve was a birthday cake made out of love for my son who was turning 5 years old, it was created with four cake mixes in a set of three round spring pans.

Two Chocolate Betty Crocker pudding cake mixes were used for the bottom. I used two of the same mixes of yellow for the other two top pans. I spread chocolate chip frosting in between each layer of the cakes. I used Cream cheese frosting for the outside of cake and dyed it orange with food coloring & blue for the sky. I used white & a darker shade of frosting for the stars and the trim around the outside layers. Cookie crumbs were used for the dirt on the top and down the side.

I bought PVC toys from the Disney store for decoration. I had to put the cake in the refrigerator to set up a couple of times so that it was easier to decorate. This was a lengthy project but well worth it in the process because my son thoroughly enjoyed this cake & so did the adults!! Yes.. it taste great.

I got the inspiration for it after seeing many other very expensive ones in the grocery store and decided that I could probably put one together myself so I did. Hope you find this inspiring to make one yourself! Enjoy.

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