I baked this Wall-E birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I got ideas from other pictures on this site and from a picture I saw on internet.

I baked 5 8 inch square cakes. Stack four cakes for the body frost with buttercream icing (tinted with yellow and a little orange gel). Cut last cake diagonally and attack to sides for the wheels.

The neck and head are made from blocks of Styrofoam that I carved and clued together and iced with buttercream. The arms are spatulas (from Dollar Store) attached to Styrofoam and held to cake using skewers. I recommend attaching arms the very last since they are heavy and tend to pull cake forward.

Decorate with Oreos, licorice, cookie crumbs for dirt. Can find fake cockroach at party stores.

Everyone loved it and were sad to have to take it apart!