Coolest Wall-E Birthday Cake

It’s Wall-E! This is our first cake that we had made ourselves for a birthday party with a shaped cake pan. I was simply amazed of how it turned out. And it tasted so good too! My fiance made this Wall-E Birthday Cake for my cousin’s birthday party one year. They were really surprised with how great it looked. I wish I had the nack to bake but unfortunately I don’t have the patience. It took him 6 hours to make it, he also made a Spongebob one. I hope the next one doesn’t take as long, we were really pushed for time.

Wall-E is so cute and adorable. I just loved the movie! But anyways I thought I would share this with you all as I loved the cake myself and it was so much fun watching him do it and seeing everyone’s faces light up when they seen it as well. Have fun baking everyone! And Have a great day!