Coolest Wall-E Cake

This is a Wall-E cake I made for a close friend. It is just a square cake with four layers of chocolate cake. The sides of Wall-E’s head are pretty much Styrofoam cut, and shaped in thick triangles and a neck and head covered in Fondant icing tinted brown.

I cut out indentations for his eyes, so I could put round Fondant balls for his eyes, once it had been covered with the Fondant icing. I then placed the eyes in the sockets and painted them black with edible ink. His arms and hands are made of gum paste that is tinted to match his body, and placed on wooden sticks, and then set aside to dry.

Once they are dry enough to hold their shape, I just pushed them in the sides of the cake. Then, I LIGHTLY brushed the whole cake with black edible ink, to give it a dirty, worn look. I made his Birthday hat out of a gift bag and “glued” it to his head with blue icing. I then tied a ribbon with the Birthday boy’s name on it to Wall-E’s hands.

It was a huge hit! I would love to hear anyone’s comments. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Wall-E Cake”

  1. wow, that looks so great! you are very creative, thanks for the tips, my little boy loves Wall E.

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