Coolest Waterfall Cake

We were throwing a luau potluck at work and I was nominated to bring the desert. The base of the Waterfall Cake was German Chocolate cake mix with chopped Andes mints. The “island” part of the cake as well as the shore line were yellow cake. I baked several rounds for this. The entire cake was crumb coated with chocolate pudding.

The icing was cream cheese frosting, dyed blue for the water affect. Sand made out of graham cracker crumbs. Chocolate rocks decorate the island, as well as mini shells stuck to tooth picks. Grass is made out of coconut died green.

I used pretzel sticks to make the bonfire. This cake took me about a week to make. I froze the cake itself while working on frostings. It held up really amazingly well and it tasted super good, if I do say so myself. I wanted to make a tiki hut but was just too worn out by the time I got this far.

My friend stored the cake in her freezer and that morning I went over to her house. Her hubby lifted it onto my lap in her car (it was so heavy she and I couldn’t do it) and then she drove me to work.


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