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Coolest Wave Birthday Cake

This Wave Birthday Cake was very fun to make but fiddley to ice. I baked one round cake and one rectangle sheet cake. To be a little more creative I made the batter half chocolate and half vanilla and swirled it through. I used a vanilla frosting and iced half the rectangle cake and put toasted coconut on top (at the time I couldn’t find any toasted coconut so I put normal coconut in the oven on low until golden brown).

I traced out a circle the size of the round cake on baking paper and cut it out with a long knife into two swirls to make the wave part. I then positioned the swirls on top of the sheet cake and secured them with some skewers that I had cut in half already.

I then iced the wave with blue butter frosting I made myself and also made fluffy meringue icing which I added as the foam. I bought the little surfer from a party supply shop and had the little crab lolly in my pantry already. (I think they’re from Coles). The little towel I made out of icing and sprinkle shapes and put a little drink umbrella in to tie it all in the the Hawaiian theme.

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  1. Tubular! Your cake is perfect for a surfer party, and we’d love to link to your cake. We’d think it would catch waves of attention. Tee hee.


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