3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Wii Cake”

  1. This is just awesome!! I have never used fondant before…did you put icing on the cake under the fondant? I definitely think I will be attempting this cake for my son!

  2. Jackie –

    Sorry I didn’t respond, I didn’t know anyone
    posted a comment! Yes, I iced the entire cake
    first and then covered it in fondant!

  3. My son was a having a gaming theme birthday party I made his invitations look like the DSI with his face on the top screen and the party information on the bottom screen. I wanted the cake to keep with the theme and I went to a popular bakery in Chicago that came highly recommended. The cake was not what I expected at all. I asked them to make a cake shape like a game controller. To me the cake looked like a regular sheet cake with controller elements on top. Later one of my friends informed me that the controller that that was being replicated is the original Nintendo controller. The Nintendo that I grew up on and my son knows nothing about. Your cake looks soo nice I wished I would have make the cake myself as well, then it would have been exactly what I wanted. Again good job the cake look nice.

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