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Coolest Wild West Birthday Cake

I made this Wild West Birthday Cake for my son’s 1st birthday party and got the inspiration from some Google images! The cakes themselves are just a boxed mix baked in 9″ rounds. Then the top layers were cut down to about 7″ using a bowl as a template.

The bottom is 3 layers- Red Velvet-Swiss Chocolate-Red Velvet. The top 3 layers- French Vanilla (with half a container of crushed Oreo’s)- Swiss Chocolate- French Vanilla/Oreo.

The Icing and filling on both cake layers is homemade butter cream. The top cake layers have butter cream and crushed Oreos in between each (but NOT on the outside icing, this would make your fondant lumpy).

The triple layered cakes were refrigerated overnight to set the butter cream and then fondant was colored and applied the next day. All of the details were cut with a paring knife and straight edges just done with a ruler. The rest of the designs were free-form.

We topped the whole thing with a store bought first birthday candle and Woody toy. It was a huge hit!

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