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Coolest Witch Birthday Cake

My mom asked me to make a cake for her friend whose birthday is on October 31st. I thought making a Halloween themed cake would be the best. I got the idea for this Witch Birthday Cake from a picture of a scarecrow cake I found online.

I made two 9 inch round cakes and used a small Pyrex bowl to bake what I had left of my batter, this made like a half circle shape. Once cooled and after spending time in the freezer I stacked the 2 round cakes and frosted them all around with green tinted frosting, the top of the cake is frosted with chocolate frosting and covered in crushed up chocolate graham crackers.

I then frosted the half circle cake also with chocolate frosting and stacked it on the top. I carefully cut out the bottom of a waffle bowl, frosted it with chocolate frosting. Also frosted with chocolate frosting a waffle cone and carefully placed in inside the waffle bowl through the whole and stacked it on the top of the half circle cake. This made the hat of the witch.

I used chocolate frosting to frost broken pieces of waffle bowls and placed them all around the cake thus completing the witches hat. It wasn’t a well thought out plan but at the time that is all I had to work with. I also used fruit by foot and cut it to length to create the hair.

To create the eyes and nose I used marshmallows and the remaining fruit by the foot for the lips and eyebrows. I hope my description is not so complicated as I’m sure there are many other ways to create the same design. Let your imagination run wild.

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