Coolest Witch Cake

This witch cake was so simple. My girlfriend’s daughter has a Halloween birthday and loves to celebrate the holidays together, so I was asked to come up with something not to scary but maybe a little wicked. This is what I came up with.

I baked a boxed cake mix in a giant cupcake pan. I decorated with black, white and green buttercream, which I colored with Wilton color gels. Ghost Peeps and candycorn which I attached to the cake with small amounts of icing, although the candycorn needed more assistance so I pushed into the cake to insure it’s appearance upon delivery. The string licorice I used for hair was just cut into different lengths and stuffed in between the head and hat.

I found that my cake had bake a tad unevenly so I tried shaving it down so that the hat would sit perfectly onto of the base, it didn’t work. In trying to fix it I realized that piping more frosting into the space made the witch look much more creepy and disfigured. Lesson learned: There are no mistakes in cake decorating. Make it work!

When the photo was taken the cake had been delivered hours before and had been sitting in an unairconditioned house for most of that time, this explains the drooping of the eyes.